Wrinkles + Inelastic Skin: The Best Skincare Routine

Dealing with fine lines and wrinkles can be stressful. It’s a reminder that our body is going through the aging process, and while that is definitely wonderful...it’s also a reminder that our skin ages alongside. We often hear a lot about how prevention is important for fine lines and wrinkles, particularly when it comes to sun damage. Even if you’ve only noticed a slight difference, adding sunscreen and staying hydrated will definitely help keep further fine lines at bay. 

As we age, it’s essential to recognise that our skin will change, which is one hundred percent natural! Staying true to yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin is about honoring your body and the processes it’s going through. It’s easy to try and test lots of anti-aging products, but remember, balance is essential! Everybody’s skin is different, and because aging is very much dependent on lifestyle and genetics, it’s impossible to find the right product for you. 

When it comes to improving wrinkles and inelastic skin, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Or well, there might be solutions out there that are tailored to your skin, but it won’t necessarily be something mass-produced. Your skincare routine must be designed for you, taking into account your uniqueness so that you can truly see a difference.

What causes wrinkles and inelastic skin

Before we look at the best skincare routine for wrinkles and inelastic skin, we’ll need to take a step back to understand the underlying causes that contribute to this. On a fundamental level, the explanation is that as your skin naturally ages, its collagen production slows down. Collagen is what keeps your skin firm, and as it gradually reduces, you’ll start to wrinkles and lines develop. 

Aging skin will also have difficulty retaining moisture, secreting oil and is slower to heal. All of this factors into how wrinkles develop. Combined with certain lifestyle choices, wrinkles can accelerate. Like we’ve alluded to before, sun damage tends to be one of the biggest culprits (another reminder that sunscreen is super, super important!), as well as alcohol and smoking. Dehydration and genetics also play a role in how fast your skin will age.

All of this is to say that there isn’t necessarily one significant cause for wrinkles and inelastic skin because of that loss of flexibility that your skin has? It changes from one person to another. If someone has excellent genetics but has experienced a lot of sun damage, perhaps their wrinkles may not be as defined. On the flip side, if someone has led a less-than-healthy lifestyle and doesn’t take care of their skin, they will likely see wrinkles faster, even if they have good genes.

This is why skincare plays such a vital role in preventing wrinkles and inelastic skin. Even if you are beginning to see signs of aging skin, changing your skincare routine and incorporating ingredients known for their anti-aging properties can help lessen some of the impacts. While everyone will recommend starting early when it comes to skincare, remember that it’s always better to start late than not at all!

The best skincare routine for wrinkles and inelastic skin

MyGloww was founded on the belief that you should look and feel good in your own perfectly unique skin. Everyone is different, and skincare routines should adhere to that. It’s not about finding a mass-produced solution but discovering skincare crafted just for you. MyGloww is changing the world of skincare, one bespoke beauty routine at a time!

It all starts with a selfie. Take one and submit it to us, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll create a custom skincare routine, designed just for your skin. Working with plant-based ingredients, each one is specifically included for its nourishing and anti-aging properties so that your skin can gloww!

Your custom skincare routine starts here.

Your journey to a tailor-made skincare routine starts here.

Come this way for custom beauty uniquely designed for you.

Your skincare routine

We’ve been hard at work creating the ultimate skincare routine for wrinkles and inelastic skin. MyGloww has developed a 5-step process that is wholly crafted for your skin. Our recommendation is to stick to natural, plant-based ingredients when it comes to wrinkles and inelastic skin. There are a lot of anti-aging chemicals out there that don’t do what they should, and your skin needs nourishing and healing ingredients so that it can shine. Remember that skincare is a marathon, not a race. It will take time and consistency to see results, but the goal is to help your skin shine in its natural beauty and see results over time.

Ready to discover a new skincare routine for wrinkles and inelastic skin? Here are the products you need:

    1. Cleanser: Whether day or night, your skincare routine must start with a cleanser. For wrinkles and inelastic skin, cleansers that are gentle and hydrating are best. Your skin will likely already lack moisture, and you don’t want to use something that will strip that away. Opt for something that gently removes impurities and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable.
    2. Exfoliant: Your next step is to use an exfoliant. This will help remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, revealing smoother skin underneath. If you have wrinkles or inelastic skin, exfoliation needs to balance tough and gentle and should not excessively irritate your skin.
  • Essence: After cleansing and exfoliating, an essence is used to seal in nutrients. Because essences are also packed with nourishing ingredients, they can replenish your skin and add a little boost as well. Ingredients are specifically chosen to help retain moisture for your skin. 
  • Oil serum: After applying an essence, an oil serum comes next. Serums are jam-packed with nutrients at a higher concentration because they seal in ingredients. It’s what keeps your skin hydrated and refreshed while also ensuring the other ingredients have time to get to work. 
  • Moisturiser: A good moisturiser will always serve you well as you age. The last part of the night skincare routine, and one of the final steps during the day, we can’t stress how important it is. It’s specifically formulated with anti-aging ingredients that will lock in moisture while also improving your skin texture.
  • Sunscreen/SPF: And if we haven’t said it enough, SPF is always going to be a big part of your skincare routine! Sun damage is a contributor to wrinkles and inelastic skin, so it’s not just enough to use sunscreen. Any daytime products you use, such as foundation and translucent powder, should include SPF for extra protection. 

  • Skincare is about finding the right products that make you feel comfortable and happy in your own skin. It’s about self-care and also ensuring that you lead a balanced lifestyle. Look at your environment, your diet, your habits to make small changes towards improving your skin. Coupled with the right skincare routine, you’ll start to see a difference as you consistently use the right products for you.

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