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Who we are

Three smiling women

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful. Spectacularly, jaw-droppingly beautiful. There is no one who thinks like you, laughs like you, cries like you, or dreams like you. You are the only you that exists and that is what makes you utterly beautiful.

At myGloww, your unique beauty is what fuels us. Nobody has the marvelous mix of colour and biochemistry that makes up your unique skin tone and skin type. You are beautifully unique and we believe your beauty routine should be too.

Our mission is to transform your beauty routine into a powerful self love experience. We custom-make our products to help you discover your individual beauty which comes from who you are, not what you look like.  


Unique products for your unique glow

You can't bring out your unique glow with products that were made for someone else. That's why everything we create is customised to you.

A powerful self-love experience

Our mission is to help you bring out your skin's unique glow. You'll know it the moment it happens; you will feel beautiful.


myGloww founder Steph mixing foundation shades on the floor of her London apartment

It happened to me, when I first created a custom foundation for myself. Seeing the colour that was made for my beauty, it matched my skin so perfectly. I felt so beautiful. From that moment, I decided to create a brand that would help others like me have their unforgettable gloww moment, too.

I'm so happy you found us. I can't wait for you to find your gloww.

myGloww founder,

Steph x (handwritten)